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RichLand Biotech(ShangHai) Co.,Ltd, set up on Sep 2021, Located in PuDong New Area ShangHai China.
Our company focuses on biotechnology and plant extracts, we specialize in natural astaxanthin, Krill oill and lutein.We have a cultivation plant of Haematococcus pluvials in YunNan province.We are the biggest trading company of astaxanthin and krill oil in chinese market in 2022.
For the purpose of quality first, integrity, win-win cooperaltion,We provide our customer with best products,professional technology and considerate service.

 6G natural astaxanthion
Good  water                
Good  sun                  
Good  teamperature    
Good  formula          
Good  technology      
Good  quality            
China strategic cooperative distributor of Aker Biomarine


Our Product

Content HPLC:10%,5%
Packing Spec:1kg/BLT,5kg/BLT,  
Product Spec:CWS, Beadlets
Content HPLC:2%,2.5%, 1%
Packing Spec:1kg/bag,25kg/BTL
Useage:drinking powder,hard  
Content HPLC:1% 1.5%,2%,3%,4%,5%
Packing Spec:1kg/bag,25kg/BTL
Useage:further processing
Spec:Phospholipid 40
Packing Spec:5kg/BTL,
Astaxanthin oil
Asta capsule powder
Haematococcus pluvialis  powder
    krill oil
  (Aker produce)
Spec: Oil suspension fluid 20%
Packing Spec:5kg/BTL,20kg/BTL
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Rich Land Biotech (ShangHai) Co., LTD
021-5159 1333
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